Strawberry Picking in SAWADA Farm

SAWADA Farm is a large strawberry farm located near Central Japan International Airport. Surrounded with the beautiful nature of Japan, you can enjoy strawberry picking. We look forward to seeing you soon.

"Akihime" - One of the Sweetest and Juiciest Strawberries in Japan

Every type of strawberry has its own uniqueness. "Akihime" is characterized by its sweetness and juiciness. Customers just cannot get enough of the taste of our strawberry.


Wheelchair and Stroller are Welcomed

At SAWADA Farm, our facilities are made to care for customers because we want our customers to enjoy our strawberry picking. Accessible features include dedicated flat aisle for wheelchairs and strollers and short planters for children.


Get away from Your Daily Life

Living in the noise and bustle of a large city, we sometimes feel like going to places surrounded with beautiful nature. SAWADA Farm will heal your tiredness.


One Minute to Handa Athletic Park

Next to SAWADA Farm, there is Handa Athletic Park where you can enjoy sports, barbecue (reservation required), seasonal flowers and so on. Let yourself indulge in playing all day long.


General Information

You need to make a reservation beforehand for the strawberry picking.
General Information is as follows:

Business Hour
Strawberry Season From the middle of December to the end of May
Rule All you can eat for an hour
Hours 10:00AM-4:00PM (Close at 5:00PM)
*We will close at 4:00PM in winter season.
Entrance Fee
(above age 12)
(above age 3)
(under age 3)
December 15 -
April 10
1,700yen 1,400yen Free
April 11 - May 8 1,300yen 900yen Free
May 9 - the End of the Month 1,000yen 600yen Free
Special Discount
Discount Type Detail
Group Discount (more than 20 people) 100 yen discount for per person
Senior Discount (more than 70 years old) 200 yen discount for per person
Disability Discount 200 yen discount for per person including an escort
  • ・When you use senior discount or disability discount, please show us your identification papers in advance.
  • ・You cannot use one discount together with other discounts.


Address: Kanayama-cho 2-chome, Handa-shi, Aichi-ken, 475-0953, JAPAN

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